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Porch Talk
A BTVS/ATS Fanfiction Discussion Community
Sorry if this is inappropriate posting, but since it appears that this isn't an active community anymore, I didn't see the harm:

 I wanted to post my Spanderverse community where in I post my Buffy-fic. Obviously its Spander-related with the Season 5 being re-written to bring the boys together. All of the characters get equal time though and the Spander comes quite late in the 'season' so its a slow build.

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The JM/DB story that all fans dream of! Unfortunately no one can remember it's name or the link or the author. Below are all the details that spankspike can remember about this story she read about a yr. ago. Please look it over and let me know if you remember having read it before. If so, please comment with details of the website it's archived on (even if said site no longer exists please) the authors name, or the title. And if anyone has a link, I'd love you forever!

spankspike's comments and details on the story:

Please, please read this and let us know if you remember anything about this story!Collapse )
Thank you for looking over these details. Now please, wrack your brains, ask your friends, and lets find a link so we can all read this story too!

ETA!!! velvetwhip found it! here it is: http://www.adultfanfiction.net/aff/story.php?no=28459

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I want to apologize for any confusion or irritation I caused by posting the link to my latest chapter. I've deleted the post because I hadn't meant to put it here.

I got up at 04:00 this morning just to get the chapter up, and left for work under the impression I had posted to the SpikeTara community. othercat brought it to my attention and I thank her, because I would have wondered where in the world my post had gone.

I probably managed to irritate people here, keep my few faithful readers waiting, and embarrass myself. Now why can't I be that productive when I'm trying?
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Are you aware of the word controversy that swirls around us even as you read this?

Yes! There is word prejudice in the English-speaking, or more specifically, the English-writing world.

You may have seen the argument pitched as an admonition to use shorter words, or fewer syllables. To KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. Latinate words are seen as fancy, frilly, and full of themselves. Is this the truth or prejudice? Should a writer use Latinate words? What the heck are Latinate words?

One of the books I've read recently, Theodore A. Rees Cheney's 'Getting the Words Right - 39 Ways To Improve Your Writing' explains the situation much more thoroughly then I am about to do. Only one of the reasons why I recommend his book. Highly. Latinate vs. Germanic words is only 1 of 39 subjects that he discusses.

For the word geeks and curious writers among you

Ok, the word controversy is, perhaps, a bit too dramatic for the subject but I had to get you to look didn't I?

The actual dull facts: a high percentage of words in the English language are either Latinate, of Latin-French heritage, or are Germanic, coming to us from Old English (aka Anglo-Saxon). To simplify, around 1066, Norman nobles, speakers of Latinate-derived French, invaded England where the peasants spoke a Germanic-derived English. As time went on, the languages merged into one, and we were left with two words for many objects and ideas. Are you surprised to know that the Latinate words are usually considered formal and more elegant, while the Germanic are considered plain and forthright?

There is a definite preference for words of Germanic origin in today's English fiction-writing world.

Latin-derived words are considered fancier, stuck up, and just plain harder to understand. The Germanic words are viewed as powerful, strait forward and more exciting. Germanic words, unsurprisingly, are usually shorter and only one or two syllables long. Latinate ones tend to be longer and two or more syllables. Exceptions do abound. See a list of comparative words at the bottom of this post. You may be using fancier words than you thought, or possibly less.

Those among us (me) who like Latinate polysyllabic words find them more beautiful, believe they roll off the tongue, and provide poetry to a piece. They are widely conceded as words that explain concepts - you see them, to a high degree, in medical, scientific and legal works. Many find Latinate words dull, dry and uninspiring.

You do see them in poetry. All those lovely syllables are unsurpassed in providing meter and hinting at abstract thought.

Of course, you see those Anglo-Saxons words popping up in poetry as well.

Those among us (me) who sneer at Germanic-based, monosyllabic words find them uglier, rude and lacking in poetry. But even I admit you gotta love 'em, anyway. They are often imitative of sounds - they snap, crackle and pop. They pow, whack, and crunch. I would say they are ' onomatopoeic' but I suspect that is a Latinate word. A fist flying through the air, and smashing into a face just can't be written as convincingly with Latinate words.

The debate in writing usually boils down to the verbs. You are supposed to be eliminating those adverbs, and reducing those adjectives to a trickle. As the playwright Aristophanes would say, sometimes you have "to call a fig a fig; to call a kneading trough a kneading trough" so you don't always have a choice with your nouns, but your verbs … You can rock'em, sock'em or elevate your readers with visions of elegance.

The geographical setting of your youth, and the level of your education can predispose you to one derivation over the other. According to the latest book I'm reading - 'The Midnight Disease' by Alice W. Flaherty, there are brain states that can predispose you to one or another, based on whether you like symbolism or onomatopoeic words and so on and so forth, etc.

Does the Latinate VS Germanic debate affect you as a writer? According to Susie Bright, author of 'How To Write a Dirty Story', her editor didn't object to any of her erotic passages but he tried to replace all of her verbs. In this case, he preferred Latinate while she preferred Anglo-Saxon. He may have felt he was making her subject classier.

At some point you will probably be called on your word choices by an editor or a critic. A beta may argue that you aren't using the right words. You may be told your work is too self-conscious or pretentious - too many Latinate words. You may be told your work is simplistic, that it has no depth - too many Germanic words. You should be aware of why you made the choices you did. Your word choices will influence your diction, which will influence your style and the tone of your work.

Very few readers know why they think a passage is more active, more exciting, or why they think it is lovely and thought-provoking, but most are culturally influenced to react a certain way to certain types of words. You are as culturally/geographically/educationally influenced as your readers but should overcome it as a writer, and carefully choose your words to suit the tone of your story.

The debate does sometimes dwindle down to the number of syllables. However, take as an example: dour vs. 'stern'. Guess which is Latinate and which is Germanic. Dour is certainly simple enough, but does everyone know what it means? On the other hand, dour and stern don't mean quite and exactly the same thing. Maybe the character in your story exemplifies dour, and stern just won't do.

Sometimes, there are no Germanic substitutes that say it right. Sometimes, a Latinate word would stop the action dead. (strangely dead, kill, slay are all from Old English. Huh.) Does that fight scene falter? Are you unable to get an idea across? Look at your word choices and you might find the problem there.

Your choice of Latinate or Germanic words throughout will affect the tone of your story. Are you writing action-oriented works, or thoughtful, literate reflections on the human condition? Are you writing a biting modern piece or an historical epic? Is your character a free soul or an academic?

Do you need to haunt the dictionary to see if every word is Latinate or Germanic? Hardly. Unless you are a word geek like me or share Susie Bright's editor.

KISS will take you far and may be enough. You may have a fine instinct that gives you the ability to use Latinate and Germanic words to best effect. You may never have to worry about the origin of a single word. But when your scene just isn't coming to life, examining your diction, by studying the derivation of your words, you might find the answer to your problem. When the readers don't seem to get it -- maybe you aren't writing the right type of words for the readers you have in mind.

Yep, something else to worry about besides adverbs and adjectives. In essence, the more seriously you write, the more seriously you take every single word that you put on the page.

And if you're a word geek you can use that as an excuse to spend hours looking at words.

This chart was taken from wikipedia. For more information on this subject and related subjects go Here.

Germanic -----Latinate
Anger -----rage
wrath -----ire
ask -----inquire
baby -----infant
back (n) -----dorsum (> dorsal)
begin -----commence
belief -----creed or credence
belly -----abdomen
bodily -----corporal
brotherly -----frāternal
calf -----veal
come -----arrive
cow -----beef
cattle -----bovine
deadly -----mortal
deer -----venison
earth -----soil
fatherly -----paternal
feeling -----sensation
first -----primary
flood -----inundate
forbid -----prohibit
forgetting -----oblivion
foretell -----predict
fox-like -----vulpine
freedom -----liberty
friendly -----amicable
give -----provide
gladness -----joy
go -----depart
god -----deity
hearing -----audience
heed -----attention
height -----altitude
help -----assist
hen -----poultry
hill -----mount
horse -----equestrian
hound-like -----canine
itch -----irritate
know -----recognize
leader/president -----duke
leave/exit -----egress
length -----longitude
loving -----amorous
match -----correspond
mean -----intend
meet -----encounter
mistake -----error
motherly -----maternal
new -----novel
nightly -----nocturnal
old -----ancient
other -----different
rot -----putrefy
seem -----appear
sheep -----mutton
shut -----close
shy -----timid
skillful -----adept
sleeping -----dormant
sight -----vision
swine -----pork
teach -----educate
thinking -----pensive
throw -----catapult
town -----city
understand -----comprehend
utterly -----totally
wage/salary -----stipend
wait -----expect
watchful -----vigilant
whole -----entire
width -----latitude
wise -----prudent
wish -----desire
wolf-like -----lupine
yellow -----ochre
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I've been thinking about premise (or theme) lately.
I love seeing behind the scenes, as it were, how other authors plan their work, or how they view what they've written, so I issued this challenge on my LJ and thought it would be appropriate here as well.

Challenge:Collapse )
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I'm new here. I've posted this discussion elsewhere and Bogwitch suggested I post it here as well. I've been writing for about a year. I read a lot about how to write and only believe about half of what I read (and granted, I am not seeking to publish in RL). So far, I've only written Spike-centered fic, but I don't write 'ships and so far, every story has been different.

I have crossposted this and apologize to anyone who is tired of seeing it.

I need me some writing discussion because I just enjoy talking about such things and when I try in RL, people make these shooing motions at me.

I've been thinking about Narrative Distance quite a bit lately.

Narrative Distance. What is it?

I've read many explanations of it. My favorite comes from Orson Scott Card's 'Characters and Viewpoint'. I can't say I completely understand it and suspect if I ever fully do I will be one of the world's great authors.

So far I understand that it is a combination of POV, word choices, sentence structure and characterization. It is one of elements that gives an author a Voice. It is the way that authors brings their readers closer to their characters or keeps them at a distance.

I would like to know what you think it is. Any books or columns on the subject that you would recommend? What kind of distance do you use in your writing? Why? Desire to publish? It's what you know? You think it is the best form of communication? You didn't know there was any other way?

I'll start but I warn you that brave and hardy souls have been stunned after reading my explanations. Not as in by the brilliance of it but rather as in ‘Huh?’

Feel free to discuss my thoughts or just give your own thoughts (I'm wordy as always). I would like to know how other people use Narrative Distance – if they do, and how they would describe it.

Are you Writer enough for Myfeetshowit's steps to Narrative Distance?Collapse )</></>
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It's funny how I get a lot of different ideas during times like these in my life. I saw "Billy" yesterday and "Fredless" the other day and those are two Angel eps that really touch me. I always get all these ideas for fic:

1) Wes gets "reifected" with the Billy virus and somehow has to face off with Faith and/or Illyria who don't want to hurt him of course. Wackiness ensues

2) Wes and Lilah are in suburban Hell where Wes's dark side reigns under the surface where everything seems okay outside. The perfect Suburban Family (Lilah would be in Hevean being Wes's wife and Wes would finally have the simple life...or wait wouldn't they really be in HELL?"

3) Jeff and Tim said in The Billy comentary that Billy was born out of a human Senator raping a female demon. I always wanted to write something from Billy's Mom's POV.

Feel free to take any of these as challeges to do yourself, my lovley writers of fic.

I hardly write any Fred, Cordy or Lilah, and I totally love them. I think I don't do it because as much as I love them these women are very different from me, and I'm afraid I'm not getting their voice right. They all come from a place of privilege I don't have, like Cordy is/was so confident, and Fred thinks in that logical geek way even when she is reeling from emotion she's thinking about pi and meters and physics, I don't think I can fake that, and Lilah...well, she's Lilah. Strong in every way I'm not and weak in every way I'm not. If there's a bunch of things I'd never do there are selling my soul to a lifeless job just so I could try to be the best or get into that situation with Wes. Maybe that's why I should write her. Anyway, most of the draw of "Billy" is Wes, and how his misogyny came out. I think if you look at it as Billy brought misogyny out in every guy and Wes just fell in it that would be doing the character a disservice. I think Wes had his own person brand of misogyny brought out. We saw him have a very intellectualized hatred of women and their motives. They weren't just stupid or annoying or inferior, they wanted to humiliate him with their sexuality, bring him down. I think that we can see how Faith did just that in her evil days, so him feeling that way at the core of him is justified. But, maybe Faith wouldn't have reacted that way if he hadn't been so pretentious and distant. I think Wes feels all of this and he knows all of this, and he feels awful about it.

I think that Fred saying: "That wasn't you. It was something that was done to you" was correct too. His misogyny was molded and taught, by society, the class system, and of course my fave the Council. His father, and prolly the rest of his male relatives were a part of for years. So, Fred is right. Yet, he is right when he says: "How do you really know that?"

It is part of him too because it has been taught to him, molded in him and done to him as all sexism, racism, classism is done to white men and to all of us. The writers Tim and Jeff did a commentary on "Billy" on the DVD and it so worth listening to. You hear these two men -- artists talk about their ideas for the EP, and sort of struggle with and dance around their own misogyny. Tim LOVES when Lilah gets the shit beat out of her, and don't you too? Then, he sort of feels bad about it. Then, they talk about Wes's character totally having his sexism and hatred rage, and then how he feels rejected and taunted by women he wants so badly. Then, they talk about how Billy's misogyny didn't affect Angel because he soared about it in a weird way by becoming a demon. It was about pleasure and pain. He didn't have to care about rejection any more because he had more power than humans. Okay AWESOME.

I can't even begin to say how awesome this is. They are exploring the many facets of misogyny. Wes feeling rejected by women and hating himself for his own misogyny and knowing he can't fully rise about it. Angel who has more power so he has risen about it and it became about something else, but it was still about who held the power, but it wasn't based on hate or just women anymore. Cordelia, Lilah, and Fred dealing with this as women in all their different ways. Tim said that in the end is was important that each woman save themselves. I didn't even realize it but each woman did save themselves in the situation. I think even though I never saw that if they hadn't and Angel or Gunn had been successful saving them I would have been disappointed. This is why this is so great because these guys were willing to write this when still exploring their own misogyny but realize that the female characters had to react to it in their own independent ways...without them almost.

I think so far Tim is NOT doing that in the new series "the Inside" as just the men are reacting to the main female character's vulnerability and strength in that vulnerability. I am NOT SAYING that he isn't setting something up where the main character will be more active in the future. But, you can also hear in many of Tim's commentaries about women and gender issues that Joss helped him create more active female characters when Tim was willing to explore his feelings about women with in the show. Originally, Tim had ideas that Darla was going to be staked by Angel after the one night stand where Angel goes to his dark side with her as a catalyst. Also, Tim had ideas that Darla was going to be staked by the male midwife in order to give birth to her son. Joss was the one that said that Darla shouldn't go out this way. Darla should go out by scarifying herself for her child. I think this changed everything. It brought Darla to a whole new level. I made her an active character and not just something shadowing Angel. I probably changed the way I thought about the show, bitchy women who change for children or who bitchy and powerful women who are in and of themselves people who make choices, my own life in some way, who knows? I definitely changed who I am as a writer and how I look at characters. "What's the point of all this, Strange Bint?" You ask?
I'm not sure. It's just stuff I think about not just with the show but life and society and where we are with sexism and power struggles and our culture. It's interesting that "Wonder Falls" as a show where a girl was not a victim, (well, maybe a victim of fate?) but an active person in a world where she can be powerless sometimes got canceled, where the new show "The Inside" (which has great potential) where the girl who is literally a powerful agent but where her vicitmness is getting totally played up by FOX in the promos is getting pushed by them. But, there is something in all of this that Tim does (and Joss and Jeff and Mere and Marti did too) that ALWAYS keeps me, the freak, coming back, and I think what's-his-name the boss on "The Inside" summed it up: "This girl has a gift forged in pain, and this is something we can use to stop them." Or whatever he said. I dunno. It's the idea that women (and guys too) have a gift or a strength due to some painful thing that happened to them that once made them weak. Their pain has made them strong, it has actually given them power and that is something they can use to good in the world. I think anyone who has gone through something they think has set them a part wants to believe that, and see it played out in a story in a thoughtful way, where they struggle with it. Maybe that is what gives life some meaning. Wow, no more extra coffee for me! Oh, shut-up it's just TV, right?

Jody AKA Strange Bint
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Okay, well I totally could use that. It's just when ever I start discussing one of my fic "it reads like stereo intructions" someone said. I swear they don't suck that much, but they lose something when I talk about them. I'm not good at pitiching. I'll try. Hopefully, I just won't annoy/confuse everyone. Here's what I said to my beta, but she doesn't really like to get involved in plot construction.

Anyway here's what I said:

"So, I'm trying to work on more stuff for "Pieces of Now," but, I am having a problem. I want to bring Faith back (Faith's dead and rising) and immediately get this huge conflict going with her and Dana, but I feel like I really want to go back and show a time of how the three of them used to be before Faith died. So, I wrote this beautiful exchange with all of them. It was from Spike's POV. But, now that Faith is already dead I have to work it into Spike remembering the past.

Should I try to do that? He said when Buffy died he relived the day over and over as to what could have went different, so I was trying to work it in like that. But, I'm afraid it won't work. Also, I was wondering if I should change it back to Dana's pov. All the chapters have been from her POV so far, and in a way it is a Slayer fic more than a Spike fic. But, in Spike's POV he thinks a lot about Slayers. I was thinking of having this one part where they are thinking of the past, and boo-hoo Faith is dead and Dana is really fucked up, and then the next part will be Faith is back, and then that's it, I swear! Funny how this was going to be a stand alone! "

If you want me to talk about how I got here with Dana just ask.

Questions? Comments? I'd love that, that's cool. Here's the link, but you don't have to read it to comment:


Thanks for being so nice about the mis-post. I hope I explained myself well enough

Jody AKA Strange Bint
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Oh, but you guys look. I have a Spike/Illyria fic!


And I still have that new Spike/Faith, crazy Slayer Dana fic that I am so jazzed about:

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The With Character website has been updated and Angel's Month has begun.  Posting schedule hereClaims list here.

There are still tons of essays open for both Angel and Cordelia!

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First of all...apologies for cross-posting (some of you may have already seen this on the writercon LJ). Ringleaders, please let me know if I'm totally OT here and should delete this entry. I'm a total LJ neophyte.

I know this is a crazy time of year for many folks, but I'm hoping any Buffy &/or Angel fan fic writers reading this might have a little time to help me out with my online survey. This survey is part of my research study for a Master's of Science in Library Science degree at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's School of Information and Library Science. I am exploring the impact of fan fiction on librarianship, and how librarians could potentially serve the readers and writers of online fan fiction, in a project tentatively titled, “Cataloging the Whedonverse: An Exploratory Study of Potential Roles for Librarians
Regarding Fan Fiction.”

This survey includes some multiple-choice questions and a number of open-response questions regarding the publication, access, and preservation of fan fic, as well as potential roles for librarians in facilitating the above. Depending on how much you have to say, it could take between 5 and 30 minutes to complete.

I am inviting participants from a few Buffy fan fic archives, listservs, and discussion boards. Respondents are not limited to these groups, so please feel free to forward this survey to any Buffy/Angel
fan fic writer or discussion board you like. Survey respondents must be at least 18 years of age, and should have written at least one original piece of Buffy or Angel fan fic.

If you have any questions or concerns about the study, please contact me at freya (at) email.unc.edu.

If you’d like to read more about the survey and/or take it yourself, please start here: http://ils.unc.edu/~freya/survey

Many thanks for your time and participation!
Jessica Kem
freya (at) email.unc.edu

MSLS candidate, School of Information and Library Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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As I was browsing through Edain McCoy's "Witch's Guide to Faery Folk", I found something vaguely interesting that may pertain to Anya.

The book is written in the style of a dictionary. The entry Dinnshenchas is the one I found so interesting-- it describes these faeries as dwarf faeries in the service of the Irish Goddess Aine, "a Goddess who protects women". The faeries have "been said to shapeshift into any form to help avenge women harmed by men".

In the Lore section of this entry, it says, "It is unclear whether the stories about Dinnshenchas avenging wronged women are merely a wish-fulfillment thought-form or not. Aine was raped by a Connacht king. She later slew her attacker, and was elevated in the folklore of the early centuries of this era to the status of a patron Goddess of wronged women." There are shrines to Aine in her home county, Kilkenny.

I'm not sure what this means in light of the established canon regarding vengence demons and the episode Selfless, but it's an interesting idea that Aine = Anya (and might I add, an idea dying to be ficced about). I wonder if the writers were aware of this particular legend?
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Hi all, I'm new here and my goals are to improve my writing and be a more active participant in the fanfiction [writing] community.

I wanted to start out with a question that I've been wrestling with about when it's appropriate to use different types of pov in stories...

I feel comfortable with the use of 2nd person. It brings aggressive immediacy to the story and should be used sparingly. I've only used it once so far--to convey a character so traumatized by the events she's describing that the 2nd person perspective becomes a vehicle for her denial. I know it doesn't have to be used that way, [cats and dogs by vatrixsta uses it to convey a stumble-down drunk humor that's really delightfu]l. but I feel okay with 2nd person, at any rate.

First person and third person are clearly different, but I don't really feel like I know when I should be using one versus the other. Thirds perosn omniscient scares me a little--it seems like cheating and I'm afraid if I did it I would tell everything rather than describing, unfolding, and all those nice elements of story telling. But it doesn't seem like too many good stories employ omniscience.

On the other hand, if you're telling a story in 3rd person that cleary follows one character anyway, would it be wrong to write the same story in 1st person pov?

I ask this, because I often feel like what I write is better when I write it in 1st person--maybe it forces me to describe things in more detail, or gives greater immediacy, I'm really not sure. When I write 3rd person, I feel like I start to slide into dick and jane mode.

But this troubles me--I feel like there must be a reason to use one pov versus the other aside from just oh-well-I-suck-at-third-person.

So I started a new fic and forced myself to write the whole thing in 3rd person. I was not pleased with the way it turned out; I'll probably go back and rewrite it in 1st person.

Another strategy I've used to avoid the 3rd person rut is switching back and forth bewteen pov's within a story, which I suspect is stylistically bad and also jarring to the reader.

The thing fueling my belief that 3rd person is better--at least for long plot-driven stories--is that I've noticed that many of the better writers seem to write their novella-length stories in 3rd person. Is there a reason for this other than preference? Should plot-centered [longer] stories ever be written completely in 1st person? Is there an advantage to third person that I should be clued into?

I am really interested in any and all thoughts, suggestions, and opinions--from writers and from readers....

again, hi. and in advance thank you.
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If this isn't allowed here, please let me know and I'll delete it!

with_character is a LJ Community I mod meant for the in depth discussion of BtVS and AtS characters and characterization. This community is in it's first phase and I'm currently looking for people to write essays.

How it worksCollapse )

What's neededCollapse )

Essay ExplanationsCollapse )

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Interesting C.Kane quotes about himself, James, Joss, and David B from this site: http://tv.zap2it.com/tveditorial/tve_main/1,1002,271|87989|1|,00.html

"But, Kane didn't love Angel referring to Lindsey as a "tiny Texan."

"I got pissed at that. I came up to the director and said, 'This is bulls**t.' He looked at me and said, 'It's not me, Joss [series co-creator Joss Whedon] did it.' Joss likes to take shots at me. He's like, 'I can't build this character up too much without cutting his nuts just a little bit.'

"David doesn't call me that in real life. He knows I'm from Oklahoma. I was born in Texas, but I'm a Sooner. The 'tiny Texan' thing is for the birds. I'm stronger than David, bigger than David, I'm just shorter. But, in real life, if me and B. got into a fight we'd better pack our lunch. The kid knows how to throw. He's a bad boy. He's got a temper. We both do."

Apparently, Kane enjoys on-set fighting with Marsters as well. "Me and James have a good time. It's fun to work with James, because when we throw each other around the room, he's like, 'Are you OK?' 'Yeah, I'm OK. You can go harder if you want.' 'I can?' By the last take, we're slamming each other into everything. I absolutely love it.""

I don't know about y'all, but this gives me some nice RPS fic ideas...


(Cross-posted to david_b_daily , bloodclaim, and </span> ats_nolimits)</span>

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  Thoughts on watching Buffy Season 3 Beauty and the Beast ep.  Spoiler alert...Collapse )

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Wow, this place is *empty*.
Moving on...I've been thinking a lot about the intersection of online personalities with the our reading habits; so many of us in fandom know (of) each other, particularly since WriterCon, and I wonder if personal feelings and opinions affect what we choose to read. This could be utterly pointless, but there's a poll here that tries to get at some of these questions.

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I've run into an issue of fic-writing etiquette, and this seems like the best forum to explore it. My inclination is to dismiss the subject and move on; however, as those who know me reasonably well could tell you, I am a deeply stubborn and opinionated individual, and am aware that my viewpoint could well be a tad biased. Since it is an issue I *could* deal with by making a minimal effort (though it puts me off a bit, thus my reluctance to so act), I'd like to bring it up and see what input this community has on the matter.

I recently finished a long multi-part post-season seven Buffy series (crossover with fifth season Angel). The last story ended up as B/X, which should have been no surprise to anyone who had read the prior thirteen stories in the series (I had been dropping anvils rather blatantly since the sixth story). Among the feedback I got for the final story was an objection to the fact that I had not warned the reader that the story had a B/X ending. I read the complaint and nodded to myself: I had assumed that anyone who had followed the story all along wouldn't be deeply shocked by the ending, and I had been mildly hampered by the fact that I generally don't put 'ship info in my opening notes, and by the fact that the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer Crossover" section of FF.net doesn't allow for pairing information. I noted the reaction, but did not apologize or otherwise react to it.

A couple of days ago, I completed another story, which happened to be a one-shot short story that followed up from the events of the May 5th episode of "Angel." After a bit of misdirection on my part, this story also ended up as B/X. In this case, this was intentional--the ending was meant to be a surprise, and putting pairing info in the header would have spoiled it. Unfortunately, one of the commenters reacted negatively to the B/X ending and pointed out that there had been objections to my not providing that information in the header for the prior story. It ended politely enough, but I was annoyed nonetheless. Are pairings--and readers' potential reaction to them--so central to fanfic that information about them trumps all other concerns in storytelling--including surprises in the story that the author isn't inclined to telegraph before the reader even begins the story? I understand why warnings about themes like rape, incest, and other obvious squicks are appropriate (and I don't delve into those themes much in any event), but am I unreasonable in thinking that a B/X ending that doesn't involve so much as a chaste kiss in the actual text shouldn't provoke a similar reaction? It's not just a matter of B/X--I can think of any number of stories written by me or other authors where tipping off pairing information in the header would have spoiled surprises within the story. I have no problem with the idea that some readers will prefer not to read my stories if I don't include such information--I simply tend to resent the implication that I'm somehow being *inconsiderate* if I don't.

Anyway, you've got the gist of my reaction, and I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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I know that the terms "Childe" and "Childre" are a pet peeve of many and that they didn't show up in the show at all - but what about the terms "fledge" or "fledging" used to describe a young vampire?


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What do you call the opposite of a plot bunny? I got this idea the other day, the general concept for a story, theme and mood and characters and stuff--even a title, and I can NEVER think up titles. ("In A Yellow Wood," FYI.) But no plot as such. What I wanna do is take a post-Chosen (maybe even post AtS5) Buffy and throw her into some kind of semi-Wishverse situation where she has to interact with a couple of AU versions of herself. One who ended up with Angel, one who ended up with Spike, one who ended up with Willow or Faith, maybe one who ended up with Giles or Xander, someone 'normal.' (Canon Buffy still being, one presumes, baking her cookies and not involved in any serious relationships.) However many I could fit in without it getting cumbersome. And they'd all have to work together somehow to get back to their own worlds, and Buffy gets to ponder the pros and cons of all these other lives.

The kicker being I'd want these other Buffys to be from other fics. Preferably fairly plotty fics, since it's not just romantic relationships which might be interesting to toss into the mix, but other kinds of life choices. So ideally it would be a collaboration--it would require finding other writers who were willing and able to do something like that, and then they'd all have to work out just what sort of resolution Canon Buffy draws from all this, and basically it would be hell to coordinate... but the idea tickles me. Has anything like this ever been done?
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